Iconic trophy for Women in Lighting Awards

Italian lighting designer and manufacturer Formalighting sponsored new international awards to recognize women in the lighting industry. We helped create a trophy that encapsulated the spirit of the awards.

The brief

The new awards, Women in Lighting, aimed to celebrate and recognize exceptional women in the lighting industry. Using the WIL brand colors, the trophy would need to suit the modern workspaces of so many working in the lighting industry while still being light enough to travel well in a custom gift box. The trophy needed to be as meticulous and high quality as the work created by the award winners themselves. We had to consider everything from materials and finishing to the engraving effects and presentation. 

The process 

This brief combined deep design thinking with our practical understanding to create an award worthy of our client, the awards, and the winners. 

Using the medium the awards were celebrating, a miniature spotlight from Formalighting’s product range casts the shadow of the Awards’ WIL logo. 

A working prototype brought the concept to life for our client and gave it confidence in the design.

The accompanying presentation box included branded gloves to avoid fingerprints when handling the award. This didn’t just protect the piece – it also gave it the feeling of prized art.

The outcome

By using a Formalighting product, we put the brand in front of its core audience, aligning it with design excellence and the highest quality. 

The stand-out concept also helped establish WIL as a high-caliber, sought-after award and ensured the trophies would be displayed in offices for years to come.

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