C-Suite gifts for Seaspan’s 20th birthday

When containership management company Seaspan celebrated 20 years in business, it wanted a special gift to thank its loyal customers around the world.

The brief

Design and deploy high-quality thank-you gifts for customers across Hong Kong, Vancouver, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Europe. The recipients were generally high level executives , and the gifts would need to be high-caliber branded products to resonate strongly with that demographic. The gifts had to connect with Seaspan’s brand, be made by respected brands, and be delivered in premium packaging options with branding and messaging that would enhance the specialness of the occasion.

The process 

A premium wooden presentation gift box – subtly engraved with the client’s logo – connected the brand to the gift without detracting from its high-end status.

Regional deployment to multiple destinations, including customs handling, also ensured the gifts arrived when we needed them to and were in excellent condition, with the customer updated at every step. 

The outcome

The gift, packaging, and deployment came together to deliver an aligned brand experience – a fitting celebration of Seaspan’s milestone and the appreciation it felt for its clients.

Feedback from clients has been excellent, with many reaching out to Seaspan to thank it for the gift. 

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