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With strong ties to both Asia and the West, our multicultural approach makes us ideal partners for brands and businesses wanting to bridge the cultural divide and excel globally


Ben Chiu

Ben Chiu

Managing Director
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Anne Maree Wong

Anne-Maree Wong

Operations Director
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How it all began

Thanks to our experience in product design and brand development, we wanted to create a company with a unique position in the marketing space. We saw what was on offer and wanted to do better - we had a vision to build a bridge between ideas, service and product. Above all we wanted to really create that ‘wow’ factor that gets brands noticed!We explored and branched out into brand partnerships, enabling us to become the official customisation partner for Moleskine. After that we have gone from strength to strength to include many more renowned brands from around the world.

Fast forward to now: We help clients with global rebrands, client acquisition and lead generation; retention kits, loyalty programmes and recruitment drives. Whatever corporate branding initiatives you need, we have you covered.

Our ever-growing suite of iconic brands and customisation abilities allow our experienced design team to offer unique solutions to extend and evolve your brand. Physical or digital, and around the world.

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