Selecting the right premium merchandising company is a key step in enhancing your brand’s image and leaving a lasting impression on your clients and customers. 

We have put together a list of what we think are some of the essential elements you need to consider when it comes to corporate gifting, and why you should partner with a company who can offer all of these:

#1. Defining Your Needs

Embarking on your corporate merchandising journey requires more than just collecting quotes. Many customers often fall into the common trap of choosing a premium merchandising company that focuses solely on price, neglecting crucial branding aspects in the process. 

It’s essential to recognize the overarching issue: finding a premium merchandising company to partner with who truly understands your objectives. Instead of fixating only on cost, look for a merchandising company that can guide you through a purpose-driven design, aligning with your goals and ensuring you get the best value for your investment. As highlighted in a Forbes article on corporate gifting, the selection of a partner is not just about the product; it’s about choosing a strategic ally who can elevate your message through thoughtful design and impactful merchandise choices: the gift itself is never the principle message, but rather a tangible asset that helps communicate it’.

#2. Quality and Creativity

Quality and creativity are expected, but in a world where everyone seeks the latest and greatest, it’s crucial to find a partner who can make you stand out in your industry, whether it be law, finance, engineering, fintech, or beyond. While reviewing portfolios is one way to gauge a company’s commitment to excellence, collaborating with a premium merchandising company esteemed in their respective industries ensures you’re working with pioneers in design and quality. 

Building on this, creativity should emanate from a deep understanding of the target audience, ensuring that solutions are tailor-made for both the occasion and the specific audience. After all, the right products or experiences that surpass others in innovation are key. As emphasised in a Millward Brown study referenced by Forbes: T​angible materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain, enhancing memory and brand association. Furthermore, 94% of top executives believe gifts facilitate a deeper personal connection and are important to business success

While important, premium merchandise is not just about the physical items. Finding a merchandising company that creates unique, unparalleled products and experiences is crucial. No matter the premium merchandising company you choose, they should help you harness the power of ideas and be ready to turn your vision into remarkable reality.

#3. Credentials and experience

Evaluate the credentials of potential partners. Do they have experience in your industry? Have they successfully worked with brands similar to yours? A proven track record can instil confidence in their ability to meet your expectations. Moreover, showcasing a portfolio that’s similar to what you are aiming to achieve can make a big difference when it comes to positive outcomes. Experience and expertise is necessary to offer insights into the unique challenges and opportunities a brand faces. Choose a company who are poised to share creative and effective solutions tailored to your specific corporate gifting needs.

#4. Ethos and sustainability

For many brands it is important to consider the ethical practices of their chosen premium merchandising company. In today’s socially conscious environment, it’s essential to collaborate with a company that aligns with your values, embracing sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

More and more companies are wholeheartedly committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Not only do these align with modern corporate values, but also reflect positively on brands.  According to Forbes’ article ‘How To Reduce The Environmental Footprint Of Corporate Gifting’: ‘Partnering with brands that hold themselves accountable to similar sustainability goals as you is one of the most effective ways of staying on course to deliver on those goals’.

#5. Making a choice

After considering all the above factors, you need to make a final selection. Opt for the premium merchandising company that aligns most closely with your needs, values, and goals. When you have chemistry with a company the collaboration becomes more than a transaction; it becomes a partnership. 

Selecting an ideal premium merchandising company is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your brand’s image and success. Follow this guide and you can make an informed choice that will elevate your brand to new heights. With a company like us by your side, premium merchandise that reflects your brand’s unique identity is our mission. We strive to make your search for high-quality products easier by curating premium merchandise and experiences that are purpose-driven, reflecting your brand identity and values. Leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers with nothing but the best corporate gifts and experiences.

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